Solitude of Being

Solitude of Being is a study of everyday language played on the stage of an introspective mind. Tapping into and underscoring the truer expressions of the soul, the word motifs are driven by an attempt to re-create diverse human moods in telling situations where reality stretches far into late midnight. It treats of a variety of theme where the reader can experience the ideal laced with disenchantment. There inlay rage and sensual outpourings that cry to be heard, felt, empathized, and recognized as more complexities pound out raw emotions with an untiring spirit. Observant, as well as, expressive, Solitude of Being contains hundreds of thoughts that tease today, mull over yesterday, and decide about tomorrow. Some poems are reminisces, and others are thunderous whispers with a beloved. The endless chatter, of what is and what will never be, is about sexy encounters and would-be-lovers frolicking through the distant horizon.
Solitude of Being
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